Gantt Chart by MAQ Software


Gantt chart with a grid that provides details of a task and additional key performance indicators.

Gantt charts offer scheduling and task management capabilities. Ordinary Gantt charts only display basic details such as task IDs, task names, and schedules. Gantt Chart by MAQ Software includes a grid where users can include additional task information such as budget, project status, and location.

Access a complete overview of your project or view individual tasks and their progress. You can also group tasks by category; our chart lets you sort for a specific data point.

Business Uses:

  • Project Managers – Monitor project IDs, start times, end times, status, duration, project owners, task priorities, and other relevant KPIs
  • Sales and Marketing – Schedule a campaign while tracking for budget, team input, and sales metrics
  • Admin – Break down company-wide tasks into manageable sprints that measure for success criteria such as completion date and risk status

Key Features:

  • Hierarchical view of grouped tasks with an expand/collapse option for each category
  • Color bars based on task category
  • Grid with expanded task details
  • Task status in relation to the current date

  • Sort data by any grid detail
  • Tooltips for column headers, category labels, KPI indicators, data labels, and bars
  • Support for date formatting

What's new in 4.0.0:

  • Added support for context menu

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