EasyTerritory Territory Visual


The Territory Visual, based on Azure Maps, brings spatial business intelligence to Power BI!

Does your business need to analyze and easily share territory maps across the enterprise? From the developers of EasyTerritory, the Territory Visual for Power BI lets you get the most from your business information!

Territories defined in the common GeoJSON format from a provided HTTPS URL are supported for FREE by this visual. Additionally, the Territory Visual can be used to map business (point) data such as accounts, leads, and opportunities. If you don't have a GeoJSON file of your territories, no problem! You can subscribe to the modern SaaS solution, EasyTerritory Enterprise or Standard Edition, for building, managing, and realigning your territories for your company.


  • Visualize Territories: Easily connect to your data and display territory polygons.
  • Business Intelligence: Add in your business data such leads, accounts, and opportunities as points to determine how your territories are performing.
  • Address Search: Look up an address to quickly jump to the right location on the map.
  • Classify: Color-code your territories based on any metrics from your data model.
  • Realign Territories: Integrate with the EasyTerritory, SaaS application to make edits and modifications to your territories.
  • Azure Maps: Leverage the high-performance Azure Maps control with world-wide base map coverage.

This visual requires an Azure Maps key and a modern browser:

  • An Azure Maps key is required unless you are using the SaaS EasyTerritory Enterprise or Standard Edition products. Please refer to this documentation to obtain an Azure Maps key. Note, the Azure Maps S0 key allows a certain number of transactions per month before charges are incurred. Learn more:
  • Your browser must support WebGL and web workers in a secure iFrame. Current compatible browsers for this visual are Chrome, Firefox, and the New Edge Chromium, with more to come in the future. Unsupported at this time are IE, Edge, Safari, or iOS devices.

Full documentation for setting up the Territory Visual

Optional licensing costs:

Did we mention that the EasyTerritory Territory Visual for Power BI was FREE? It is, if you are using GeoJSON developed by traditional GIS applications. Don't have your territories in GeoJSON format? Consider a subscription to the full-featured SaaS application, EasyTerritory Enterprise, to build them. Here a few of the features included in EasyTerritory Enterprise:

  • US ZIP Code and other global Postal Code data sets.
  • Overlay business data with territories all on a single map.
  • Auto-territory Building, for territory modeling.
  • Full integration with Dynamics 365.
  • Learn more and request a free trial at:

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