CSG Digital Wholesale

de Csg Systems, Inc.

Bring the world's leading wholesale business solution to every carrier.

Wholesale operators are facing intense pressure from increasing customer demands and new market needs, effectively attracting new business, or retaining the existing contracts and customers. With players and partners constantly in flux, future profits hinge on the ability to adapt to new technology and quickly respond to new business opportunities. 

CSG Digital Wholesale is the leading choice of telecom operators worldwide. The CSG Digital Wholesale solution—Interconnect, Route, Assure and Exchange—helps you protect and improve interconnect margins and improve the customer experience through comprehensive billing, rating and revenue management. 

With CSG Digital Wholesale, powered by Azure cloud, operators can react quickly to customer fluctuated demands and traffic for individual routing and pricing in real time. Operators are able to focus on new profitable opportunities and scale their business operations elastically without worrying about infrastructure cost and effort.

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