de LogSentinel

All your logs, data and documents - protected by blockchain technology

LogSentinel is a secure digital forensics solution that ensures the integrity of any logs with no compromise. Once a business or system event is logged, it is stored in a private blockchain so that any modification can be immediately detected and taken action upon. This addresses two major concerns:
• No business event can be modified or deleted from the systems without raising a warning;
• There is an unmodifiable proof of all access to data, showing that only authorized personnel accessed it, answering to compliance needs.

LogSentinel can store the logs from any number of IT solutions and different applications, ranging from transactional databases, payment systems, marketing and CRM solutions, HR systems and personnel records, to network traffic and security applications. The powerful dashboard provides both an overview of all activity within the organization as well as the ability to drill down to the specific application, time, user, or type of action, giving the security team complete overview of activity. We also offer complete integration with existing systems to provide a versatile end-to-end solution for our customers.

The blockchain technology guarantees that both for forensics and for compliance purposes, the protected logs have legal strength and can be used during inspections, or in court. LogSentinel provides the following functionalities to enhance the information security and compliance infrastructure:
• Structured data for business and data audits that allows logs audits by business users and from a business perspective
• Utilization of the blockchain technology (including a private one and optionally the public blockchain Ethereum) to ensure immutability and utmost security of logs
• Data processing register and automatic compliance reporting to provide for easy and seamless GDPR compliance

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