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Promotions Planning and Optimization

Trade Promotion Optimization

Is your sales team still using excel to predict promotions spend? Have you used another platform only to find low adoption rates and/or missing intelligent forecasts? 

At Pactera EDGE, we create intelligent human centric platforms that give you true insight into your trade promotions activity. We helped a top 5 CPG provider build out their promotions platform from scratch and go from dabbling with promotions numbers on excel in silos to full throttle promotion planning within seconds on the cloud. 3 clicks and done!

The endgame? Simple. We want to help you build an Enterprise Scale Intelligent Trade Promotion Management Platform that can help you design accurate trade promotion plans with high ROI in a highly automated manner.

Our AI powered TPO Engine uses a sophisticated Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ADL) Model and has been trained on past promotion sales data integrated with data from third party sources (Nielsen and IRI).


  • Predicts the Total Sales 
  • Predicts the Baseline Sales
  • Predicts the Uplift/Post-Promo Dip
  • Predicts the effects of:
    • Cannibalization
    • Customer Switching
    • Stock Piling
    • Category Expansion

We would love to have a preliminary chat to discuss what we can do for your trade promotions optimization and management. The best part is that we help you build bespoke human-centric intelligent platforms, and we aren’t a product company that keeps your IP. Quite the opposite, we build for you and with you.


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