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SAS® Analytics for Education Student Insights was developed to help quickly tackle the toughest data challenges around accurate enrollment, admissions, retention, and graduation reporting. SAS provides a unique combination of higher education experience and expertise paired with comprehensive and market-leading data management, visualization, and analytical tools. We approach this problem by providing solutions to help higher education institutions:

Access relevant data. Deliver information to make decisions based on data, not anecdotes. Access and combine ERP, LMS, and CRM data to improve decision-making across the institution

Improve forecasting models. Use existing data and models to refine and improve how enrollment is predicted.

Identify trends. Provide timely insights regarding admissions pipeline, retention, and graduation rates by demographics, college, department and major.

Leverage analytics-ready data warehouse. Utilize a pre-defined, structured data model that integrates data, blends data from multiple sources, cleans, and prepares it for analytical needs and actionable insights.

Accelerate time to value. Leverage an inventory of pre-built reports, including Enrollment Trends, Credit Hour Production, Retention and Graduation, Degree Conferral and Production, Time to Degree, Yield, Student Progression, Academic Preparedness, and Forecast models.

Business Impact

SAS provides higher education institutions with the ability to establish next generation information and analytics environments to transform the way they use data. SAS® Analytics for Education Student Insights not only improves current data management and governance processes but also revolutionizes analytics so that colleges and universities can leverage information resources to make data driven decisions. SAS can help by providing:

Student outcome information. Leverage and analyze data from across the enterprise for academic leaders and institutional researchers to evaluate student outcome data and recommend areas for improvement.

Advanced analytics. Benefit from analytics, one of the most cost-effective tools for predicting, optimizing, and performing scenario analyses for enrollment, admissions, retention, graduation, and degree conferral.

Data governance. Out-of-the-box data management, standardized business rules and data definitions, workflows, and monitoring to ensure that data is accurate and used consistently across the institution.

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