Reverse Phone Lookup

de Service Objects, Inc.

Boost your campaign performance and phone connectability with real-time phone verification.

Since 2001, Service Objects has provided real-time telephone validation services that verify and improve the connectability and integrity of your contact records and call lists.

With over 400 million US and Canadian authoritative records, including 170 million wireless numbers, our phone validation service is the most accurate and up-to-date available. Our phone number reverse lookup service includes latitude-longitude information on carrier and contact, mailable address notification when available, and appends SMS/MMS addresses for wireless numbers.

If you are frustrated with poor contact rates and want to boost your campaigns' performance, simply turn on our DOTS GeoPhone Plus 2 phone validation service.  It will help ensure your team is calling REAL numbers and REAL people and help ensure you remain compliant with the latest consumer and privacy regulations like TCPA and GDPR.

There are several ways to use our phone validation service:

  • Real-time API - Validate incoming phone numbers in real-time. 
  • Batch - Validate and correct existing phone numbers in your contact records.  
  • Cloud-Connector - Service Objects has made it simple for Dynamics users to take advantage of our phone validation services with our easy of use connector designed to work within your account. Once connected, we can perform reverse lookups and validate incoming phone numbers while monitoring and correcting your existing ones. Our team can have you up and running in minutes.

Learn more about our DOTS GeoPhone Plus 2 on Service Objects' website.

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