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Offering in depth insight into businesses within your system.

Using market-leading data sources like Companies House, our Business Insight service provides a powerful insight into an organisations’ watch-works in real-time.

From just one company name, we instantly generate a comprehensive, up to date profile report encompassing its background, current credit position and full financial history

So how does it work?

At the same time you enter a business name, we simultaneously retrieve a complete company profile, with details such as their full address, registered company and address, group structure, SIC Code, turnover, and number of employees. We also generate quality, comprehensive, financial reports, comprising the company’s credit rating and limit, P&L details, balance sheet and list of directors.

Our Business Insight service gives users the fastest, most accurate company credit validation reports on over 2.5 million active businesses in the UK, along with many more across Ireland.

This allows you to make more informed trading decisions, discover new business opportunities, and safeguard your organisation from bad debt. It’s also a quick and effective way to capture accurate business details and validate contact information in real time.

Some of the benefits include:

Enhanced decision making

With a company’s credit data, you can make instant, informed decisions on who to trade with, and ultimately safeguard your organisation from bad debt and dissolved companies.

Instant and secure results

Our service is fast and secure, generating full credit and company background reports in around 2 seconds, compared to many of our competitors who can take over 20 seconds.

Enhanced ROI

Prioritise your campaign prospects by company size in terms of turnover and employees, and exclude business records with low credit score to increase conversions and enhance ROI.

Up to date results

Using market-leading sources like Companies House (BEIS), we update our data daily to deliver accurate business viewpoint and display it in an easy to understand traffic light system.

High quality data

Automatically completes and validates all fields; amending missing information and verifying existing details to ensure your database holds accurate, quality and up to date data.

Enhanced CX and UX

Whether researching a prospective company or applying for credit, Business Insight enhances CX and UX by retrieving a large volume of financial data quickly and accurately.

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