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Peer recognition and Pulse Surveys. All inside Microsoft Teams.

Celebrate achievements. Recognize milestones. Get to know your team better.

EngageWith is a comprehensive employee engagement platform for your team to thrive, succeed and celebrate wins big or small.

Reward and recognize your co-workers who go above and beyond. Get to know your team better by sending a quick, contextual Pulse - all inside Microsoft Teams.

Start building a culture of appreciation and feedback effortlessly. Here’s how:

📣 Peer to Peer Recognition

See someone doing an awesome job? Recognize them with Kudos and Shoutouts for their notable contributions.

🏆 Social Gratitude

Go social with your appreciation and recognition by announcing them in the channel of your choice.

🎂 Birthday Bots

Get notified on your peer’s birthday. Make sure they get a proper birthday-bash on their special day.

🗓️ Work Anniversaries

Honor milestones and celebrate gratitude. Reward and recognize your co-workers on their work anniversaries.

📝 Pulse Surveys and Feedback

Get to know your team better by sending an EngageWith Pulse. Create a space for your people to voice their feedback and concerns without fear. Get a head-start with 45+ pre-built survey templates. (Ahem... You can send and receive incognito pulse to inspire trust and transparency)

🔥 Incentivizable Rewards

Redeem points on your preferred platforms like Nike, Dominos, Walmart, Apple, Dunkin Donuts, and more.

📈 Dynamic Leaderboards

Rank individuals based on appreciation sent & received. Keep your team's engagements ticking and motivations lively.

🔐 Enterprise-Grade Security

All your data is protected with end-to-end encryption. Our class-leading security commitments include SOC, SSL, SAML, PCI, ISO, and more. Additionally, our firewall policies and constant monitoring ensure your data is guarded without compromise.

You don’t have to be an HR to appreciate your people. Instead make recognition, appreciation, and feedback part of your daily culture.

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