Cloud Migration Accelerator

Armeta Analytics, Inc.

CMA saves time and money moving your large data volumes to the cloud lightning-fast

Cloud Migration Accelerator (CMA) by Armeta Analytics will get you up and running in a fraction of time. Load hundreds of terabytes in days, working together with your existing ETL toolset. No more waiting months or years to get up and running - take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud in days. 

  • Lift and shift your largest data projects to the cloud
  • Native support for a range of database systems
  • Lightning-fast loads with parallelization and multithreading 
  • Hassle-free "no-mapping required" migrations
  • Keep your source systems and cloud data in-sync
  • Avoid losing accuracy or data loss with proprietary Smart Conversion technology

Save time and money and accelerate your time to value with CMA.