Professional Buyer API - Acquestizer


Choose the right product/service among the competition's products/services

Professional Buyer API - Acquestizer (a solution to choose the right product/service to buy) is a cross browsers REST API supporting now a maximum of 1000 products per request, each product having a maximum of 500 features.

Allthough this Professional Buyer API is intended for software development and therefore developers, we have also here an online application that may be used to see the result and the input JSONs. Basically for Professional Buyer API you send an authorized POST request in JSON format to the API endpoint and you get as JSON response a list with product names and product ratings. You may use it for commercial purposes for paid packages.
The role of this Professional Buyer API is to select the most competitive product / service in relation to the competing products / services and which belong to the same dimension class. In order to achieve this, the following steps are taken in order: the technical and possibly subjective criteria common to these products / services are established so that each criterion will have a numerical value and the subjective criteria will also have numerical values ​​which can be, for example, notes of 1 to 10; A hierarchical vector is established on three levels of priority for these criteria and which will include all the criteria, depending on the importance that the buyer gives to the respective criteria. Thus, on level 1 will be the most important criteria, on level 2, the less important criteria and on level 3, the criteria that matter the least; a criterion cannot be found on several levels. The maximum and minimum criteria are set so that the maximum criteria will be those criteria whose values ​​are to be as high as possible and the minimum criteria are those criteria whose values ​​are to be as low as possible. The JSON string is formed in the format you see below and this string is sent using the POST method to the API.

The result will also be a JSON containing the name of each product and the rating that each product has obtained as a result of executing the specific algorithm. The product with the highest rating is the most competitive and it must be chosen. The limits of this Professional Buyer API are: maximum 1000 products per request, maximum 500 criteria can be defined for each product. A minimum of 3 products and a minimum of 3 criteria are required. 
You may see an example on our home page.
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