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Transform the Underwriting experience with data analytics, digitization and artificial intelligence

A modular digital platform built on advanced analytics

Genpact Underwriting Manager smoothly integrates the fundamentals of underwriting on one flexible platform, digitizing and repurposing data to augment underwriters’ capabilities whilst automating multiple processes. It streamlines every aspect of the underwriting lifecycle, freeing underwriters to identify new risks and opportunities, whilst getting their businesses future ready.

Built for underwriters by underwriters, Genpact Underwriting Manager is backed by more than two decades of Genpact’s experience in the insurance industry. It solves ongoing bottlenecks across the underwriting lifecycle, adding value for brokers, cover holders, and policyholders. Its analytics-driven automation, predictive and prescriptive capabilities across the underwriting cycle support underwriting judgement, delivering profitable growth and competitive advantage.

Critically, it can be implemented without major disruption to business as usual. You can opt to run it as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution or host it on a cloud environment of your choice. It can be installed, configured and launched it so that it is fully functional within weeks.

You can tailor Genpact Underwriting Manager to meet your immediate transformation needs and adapt it as your priorities change. You can pick and choose any or all five of the following modules:

· Submission intake, clearance and risk insights

· Risk triage

· Pricing and quoting

· Policy servicing and renewals

· Analytics and reporting

Read the brochure for more details on the modules and benefits

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