Intelligent Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT) solution for global enterprises by Tredence

de Tredence Inc

End-to-end real-time visibility and connected insights into your supply chain’s health

Objective: Implement the Supply Chain Control Tower for "end-to-end visibility" across the supply chain and connected insights to better manage planned and unplanned events. In the pilot, we start with key areas while laying the foundation for future additions and use cases.

Challenges we see in industry:
  • The pandemic disrupted business operations & supply chains across verticals. The wild fluctuations in demand destabilized each leg of the supply chain.
  • As a result, organizations need a complete, integrated view of the supply chain with supply chain analytics to manage these disruptions in real-time and build organic resilience.
  • Between capacity constraints & growing consumer demands, they also need prescriptive insights to act with impact and effectively drive value in their operations.

How does SCCT address these issues?
In addition to providing real-time visibility across the supply chain, Tredence's Supply Chain Control Tower uses best-in-class AI/ML forecasting models & optimization solutions to predict events, understand impact, and recommend actions across various levels of supply chain operations.

Some of the key features that aid in quickly detecting problems and taking appropriate mitigation measures are as follows:
  • Simplified alert management, Self-Service Deep Dive, Root Cause Analytics, Diagnostics, and Alerts
  • Built-in algorithms to optimize your spending
  • Plan labor scenarios for better productivity.
  • Evolved AI/ML-powered models with improved prediction/prescription accuracy and efficiency

Tredence’s control tower leverages several Azure components, including app services, data factory, Databricks workspace, and blob storage, to effectively manage the control tower operations.

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