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A user-friendly internal business tool for employee time-tracking, manager approval and reporting.

Introducing SharePoint-Based Ignatiuz Office 365 Timesheet Software

Unleash the power of Ignatiuz Office 365 Timesheet Software, now with a sleek modern layout and enriched functionalities, designed to supercharge your team performance.

With this time tracking software employees easily log daily work hours, managers quickly review and approve timesheets, and streamlined reporting simplifies invoicing and reporting for administrators.

This upgraded version not only introduces a wealth of thrilling features in the free edition but also extends the opportunity to elevate your experience with Office 365 Timesheet Pro. Gain access to advanced functionality and dedicated support by choosing the Pro upgrade. Your path to enhanced productivity starts here!

Key Features:

1. Employees can log their tasks hours under existing projects.

2. Record daily work hours and submit timesheets weekly/monthly.

3. Edit timesheets before submission.

4. Streamline managerial approval processes.

5. Generate detailed reports with billable and non-billable tasks.

6. Access project and task-specific reporting.

7. Receive email notifications for every transaction.

8. Quickly correct and resubmit rejected timesheets.

9. Simple, smart time-tracking solutions with visual reports with multiple filters.

10. Enjoy compatibility with Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Chrome browsers.

11. Access advanced features with Office 365 Timesheet Pro.

12. Enable data-based decision-making with Power BI and Dynamic CRM integration.

13. Get dedicated support 24/7

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