HauteLogic: AI-Powered ERP Fashion Solution

Автор: Visionet Systems, Inc

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Tailor your operations with digital sourcing & smart planning using Microsoft Dynamics 365

HauteLogic, a modern, elastic platform built on powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365, drives innovation and allows fashion, apparel, accessories, and footwear organizations to thrive in the age of disruption. It enables accelerated implementation of intelligent demand & supply planning, digital sourcing & manufacturing, wholesale, eCommerce, POS/ store operations, supply chain integration and EDI for fashion, athletics, apparel, footwear brands.

With a strong focus on customer experience, HauteLogic provides a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art modular components for fashion supply chain, direct-to-consumer operations, omnichannel fulfilment, distribution, and manufacturing which can be tailored and deployed incrementally according to individual customer needs.

Key features & benefits

Optimize finance & operations

  • Built-in PDM capability
  • Seasonality & deliveries management
  • Collaborative vendor management
  • Integrated sourcing, production & quality
  • Bulk orders management
  • Rule-based order prioritization & allocation
  • Multi-channel inventory visibility
  • Factor-based AR and credit management
  • Landed cost management

Connected commerce:

  • Integrated DTC & B2B digital selling with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce or 3rd party platforms
  • Supply chain network integration based on prebuilt solution for EDI/API management

Resilient supply chain:

  • AI-based forecasting, demand sensing and planning
  • Digital product specifications & technical package communication
  • Digital sourcing with factory production tracking
  • Integrated samples, inline & final inspections reporting
  • Vendor & factory compliance tracking
  • Collaborative purchase orders change control process
  • Expand global outreach to grow the business

Business operations analytics & customer insights:

  • AI-driven embedded customer insights to drive deep customer engagement
  • Advance analytics to monitor and optimize global supply chain
  • Prebuilt omnichannel retail analytics
Why choose HauteLogic?

With our 25+ years of apparel/footwear, and retail consulting & business solutions implementation experience, HauteLogic by Visionet delivers solutions tailored to our client’s unique requirements.

Please contact us for a demonstration and to learn more about the versatility and power of HauteLogic.

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