Attachment Extractor: Move content out of CDS ( PTM EDV Systeme )

Save money and Dynamics 365 data storage by moving e-mail attachments, notes and e-mail content

Did you know that sometimes up to 70 percent of the Dynamics 365 database consists of e-mail content and documents stored as notes or attachments?

Thanks to AttachmentExtractor there is a simple way to reduce your Dynamics 365 data storage. The tool copies or moves content to either SharePoint or Azure Blob Storage releasing valuable space in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data storage. Files are replaced with links inside Dynamics 365 so users will not see a difference when accessing the files!

Have a look at the capabilities of AttachmentExtractor at a glance: 

  • Save money: Reduce storage costs by moving documents and e-mail content to an alternative storage
    Azure Blob Storage
    SharePoint (Supporting Dynamics 365 document management settings)
  • Transparent: No difference when accessing extracted content for your users
  • No SharePoint permissions to access moved content required
  • Speed up migrations and upgrades

Custom extraction rules:

  • Touch only e-mails related to certain entities (Whitelist) or block entities (Blacklist)
  • Set up a scheduler to perform tasks (e.g.: extract weekly, daily…)
  • Archive data define extraction based on date/time values (older than X years)

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