Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse

Автор: Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Creates a continuous pipeline of data from Dataverse to Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data Lake.

Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse enables Dataverse integration with Azure Synapse Analytics. With a few clicks, you can bring your Dataverse data to Azure Synapse Analytics, visualize data in your Azure Synapse Analytics workspace, and rapidly start processing the data to discover insights using advanced analytics capabilities for serverless data lake exploration, code-free data integration, data flows for extract, transform, load (ETL) pipelines, and optimized Apache Spark for big data analytics. Seamless integration of Dataverse with Azure Synapse Analytics empowers our customers to analyze data in the lake. Enterprise customers are now able to use the familiarity of T-SQL to analyze big data and gain insights from it, while optimizing their data transformation pipeline to leverage the deep integration of Azure Synapse with other Azure services such as Power BI Embedded, Azure CosmosDB, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure Cognitive Services.

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