Increase Sales Productivity and Sales Velocity with PROS Smart CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

PROS Smart CPQ automates the configure, price, quote process increasing the ability of sales teams to deliver fast, error-free quotes. Infusing AI and machine learning along the quoting process, PROS Smart CPQ further provides sales teams with science derived insights that enables them to personalize product and pricing recommendations, increasing their ability to deliver targeted offers that win. Whether your sales teams are selling spot deals, subscription products or services, or negotiating large sales or contracts, PROS Smart CPQ provides you with a single quoting tool to easily manage all your selling scenarios.

The out-of-box integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to accelerate the delivery of your quote-to-cash strategy. PROS Smart CPQ supports the latest version of Dynamics 365 for Sales utilizing the Unified Client Interface.

  • Accelerate quoting speed from weeks to minutes
  • Increase deal sizes with AI recommendations
  • Develop sales discount discipline
  • Streamline your approval process
  • Get analytical insights for faster deal analysis and decision making
  • One central point of management for all your quoting and sales agreement needs


PROS Smart CPQ Delivers

  • Flexible Catalog – Leverage a responsive catalog with guided selling questionnaires
  • Error-Free Configurations – With a constraints-based configuration engine, empower reps to accurately configure the most complex products
  • Large Bids or RFPs – Create and manage large quotes, bids and RFPs efficiently with up to 100K line items
  • Personalized Recommendations – Use AI to analyze buying behaviors and provide tailored product recommendations
  • Pricing Optimization – Integrate AI-based price guidance to accelerate close rates without leaking revenue

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