Enables you to easily identify the cause of every permission change in Dynamics 365


There is no easy way to identify cause of change and permissions in Dynamics. The default Auditing solution is un-intuitive and requires a lot of manual configuration to enable auditing of desired entities and events.


Security Audit provides an easy way to identify cause of changes and permissions. Security Audit provides a more detailed view of what occurred in a nice, easy to understand interface to help reduce the time it takes to identify a security issue.

Key Features

    • Identify privileges and depth of affected entities when a security role is modified
    • Quickly identify the person responsible for a change and the date
    • Consolidated list of security events all in one place
    • Create dashboard and charting over with Power BI
    • Create your own workflow to notify you when someone performs a security action.
    • Easy export of data


Security Audit is available as a free solution with some limitations on audit history. We also offer a premium version of the solution with no restrictions and additional support for upgrades and customisation, starting at £1000pm
After you have installed Security Audit, we will follow up with details on our premium solution and are happy to setup a support call to discuss further, free of charge. 

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