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Easily import data or records from an Excel spreadsheet into a SharePoint Online list.

BoostSolutions Excel Import seamlessly import data from Excel spreadsheets (.xlsx, .xls, or .csv format) into your existing SharePoint Online list.

Versatile Import: Easily import data to most built-in SharePoint column types.

Efficient Column Mapping: Configure your import process by mapping Excel columns to SharePoint list columns.

Automatic Column Mapping: If your Excel spreadsheet and SharePoint Online list share the same column names, column mapping is applied automatically. Alternatively, you can manually perform the mapping to suit your specific needs.

Handle Duplicates with Ease: Choose to skip or update duplicate records by specifying a Key column. Keep your SharePoint list up-to-date without redundancy.

Flexible Import Options: Import all records or selectively import specific rows using the filter function.

With the SPFx list view command set extension, make it convenient to find and access the product to import records or data.

Key Features:

- Import data or records from Excel spreadsheets (.xlsx, .xls, or .csv format) into a SharePoint Online list.

- Support for selecting a specified range of rows in an Excel sheet to import.

- Capability of mapping Excel columns to SharePoint Online list columns.

- Ability to skip the header row in Excel when importing.

- Ability to check and skip/update items if they already exist.

- Support for importing data or records into list folders.

- Support for most SharePoint Online built-in column types, including: Single line of text, Multiple lines of text, Choice, Number, Date and Time, Currency, People or Group, Lookup, Yes/No, and Hyperlink or Pictures.

- Provide detailed messages when the records fail to import.

(Please note that the app is only compatible with the SharePoint Online modern experience.)

Experience the full potential of Excel Import for Office 365 with our fully featured 30-day free trial (1 x Site Collection License with unlimited end users).

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