Inventory Management

Автор: TechnomaX Systems DWC LLC

Easily track your assets across location, expense, cost, usage, renewals and expiry from any device.

Zaaiko Asset management brings in deep insights into identifying where the inventory, not only the fixed assets also the inventory. Helps you to understand the investment and at the same time, the requirement for various assets, where it being utilized and how better it can be optimized.

Track all fixed assets

Easily track and manage assets. Update asset inventory seamlessly and dynamically add users. Zaaiko's user-friendly lists help to adopt to your requirements and need quickly.

Keep track of all IT as well as non-IT assets.

Track the assets across locations, users, allocations and more.

View the complete asset history - Procure to retire.

Get reminders and alerts upon expiry or renewal.

Capture the vendor, OEM and purchase details.

Upload relevant documents for audit check.

Requests, approve, assign, return and recover feature.

Integrate with barcodes.

Zaaiko's Asset management simplifies compliance check, by alerting on the warranty and renewal timelines. Helps in audit as well as finding the returned, repaired and idle assets from your inventory. Leverage the strength of Microsoft O365 workflow engine to automate audit as well as contract renewal process.

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1. add-in permissions should be set to allow the add-in to read the host data.

2. Browser recommended: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox

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