Zonka Feedback

Автор: Zonka Technologies Private Limited

Survey & Feedback Software for Microsoft Teams to send survey and get alerts.

Measure real-time feedback, conduct daily stand ups, check ins and pulse surveys in Microsoft Teams. Notify teams with incoming customer feedback to take necessary action and close the feedback loop. With Zonka Feedback and Microsoft Teams integration, you can create and customize surveys, take feedback and analyze survey responses right within Microsoft Teams.

Send Surveys in Microsoft Teams
Choose surveys created in the Zonka Feedback platform and distribute them to teams, channels or people

Answer Surveys in Microsoft Teams
Team members can click on the survey link and take surveys. (opens survey in browser)

Setup New or Low Survey Alerts
Automate sending notifications for new survey responses or low survey responses to relevant people or channels or teams in Microsoft Teams.

Configure Workflows
Configure condition-based workflows to trigger alerts for survey responses to people or channels or teams in Microsoft Teams.

Close the Feedback Loop
With real-time alerts to the right stakeholders, you can ensure that action is taken to resolve any issues and improve employee and customer experience.

You would need to have an active Zonka Feedback account, in any paid plan. If you’re new to Zonka Feedback, sign up from here
If you have any questions about how to use Zonka Feedback and Microsoft Teams, please reach out to us at

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