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Visualize data over a pair of categories & KPIs on actual/100% scale with advanced analytics!

The xViz Marimekko chart is a 2D stacked chart, also known as a market map or mosaic chart. It can segment an industry or company by customer, segment, category, sub-category, region, or product, and makes it simple for end users to comprehend the relationship between each segment or bar to the total. A Marimekko chart can include multiple divisions in each bar, making it valuable for detecting market opportunities.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Chart Orientation – Switch between vertical and horizontal chart orientation
  • Chart Type – Actual and 100%
    • Actual view – compare values across dimension
    • 100% view – compare values with percent contribution
  • Axis Labels – Customize to show category labels, actual values, or percentages
  • Data Labels – Customize to show categories, actuals, Values, % values, or all together
  • Column Total – Display column totals without DAX
  • Conditional Formatting – Highlight outliers based on set rules, to gain insights on your data
  • Column Total – Display column totals without DAX
  • Annotations – collaborate with other users with dynamic annotation/commenting. It also enables interactive storytelling by highlighting specific datapoints
  • Summary Table – Gain a tabular overview to slice and filter your data
  • Enable drill-down feature to better understand the levels of data hierarchy

Why choose xViz visuals?

  • Portfolio of 20 advanced enterprise grade visuals with 50K users

  • Trusted by 1500+ customers including fortune 500 companies

  • Over 500k+ downloads across 40+ countries


To know more about how the visual can empower your reporting in Power BI, visit - Marimekko Chart Resources

Have any feature requests or queries about the visual? - Reach us at xViz Community

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