Aucerna PlanningSpace™

Автор: Aucerna

Cloud Planning Platform

Aucerna combines advanced technology, connected data and unparalleled expertise into the energy industry’s most powerful cloud planning platform.

The Aucerna PlanningSpace™ Cloud Planning Platform is the energy industry’s premier, next generation platform for connected planning.  PlanningSpace™ enables companies to execute a ‘Living Business Plan’, providing instant data from all departments, spontaneous collaboration and feedback loops that minimize risk and exposure. It connects people, tools and processes, and acts as the source of truth for corporate-wide planning and advanced analytics.

Deployable on the Azure cloud, PlanningSpace is infinitely extensible and seamlessly connected with your other planning tools and data sources. Powerful data management, collaboration and control functionality ensures your input data is correct and trustworthy, prior to planning and modeling.

Modularized functionality covers all planning workflows, from the reservoir to the boardroom, including best in class workflows for strategy development, portfolio optimization, business rollup and consolidation, financials, capital management and allocation, reserves and resource management, field development planning, (FDP), enterprise-level petroleum economic evaluation and advanced fiscal modeling. 

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