Vie Cloud Platform

Автор: Indigo Technologies SAS

Hospital information system, fourth generation ERP

"This application is available in English and Spanish".

Vie Cloud Platform, our next-generation software platform, combines several specialised products to achieve the digital transformation that healthcare providers demand.

1. Comprehensive management of patient care at different levels of complexity, health maintenance, risk group management, continuum of care, home care, level II and III community hospitals, as well as specialised units in oncology, cardiology, neurology and mental health.

2. Interoperability is to be able to connect different EMR's and centralise clinical data under a single repository based on FHIR, thus consolidating a single image repository under a powerful VNA, together with genomic information.

3. Data analytics to understand key business performance metrics, regulatory compliance, peer-to-peer comparison and insight discovery through machine learning algorithms.

4. Create new channels of access and enable patients to get a world-class digital experience by extending capabilities with robust, patient-centric virtual care software.
Now, you have the freedom to serve new patients under any scenario, access standardised and connected information in different EMR's and third party systems operating efficiently.

We are the strategic partner of large hospital networks because we span the end-to-end business cycle, supported by the industry-leading cloud that provides a broad ecosystem of capabilities that enables healthcare providers to take their digital patient experience to the next level.

Our platform includes a broad portfolio of products distributed as follows:

Vie EHR - Electronic Health Record: Vie Ambulatory, Vie Hospital, Vie Pharmacy & UDS, Vie Continnum of Care, Vie EHR Tools.

Vie ERP - Enterprise Resourcing Planning: Vie Finance, Vie Procurement, Vie Revenue Cycle Management, Vie Human Capital Management, Vie ERP Tools

Vie Analytics: Business Performance, Peer Comparison, Regulatory Compliance, Research & Discovery

Vie Health Connections: Vie Population Health Management, One Vie

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