ACI Payments Orchestration

Автор: ACI Worldwide

Orchestrate payments flows across all client touchpoints

ACI offers True Payment Orchestration technology for Tier 1 Merchants to optimise conversion, enable growth and reduce cost of ownership in payments. ACI delivers agnostic global connectivity to 1,000+ Acquirers, 70+ BNPL providers, 120+ Crypto Coin types, 200+ Wallet providers and supports Real Time Payments around the world, all through multiple customer touch points (mobile, IOT, digital, ecommerce, in-store, chat). The platform goes beyond competitors with the ability to configure, tokenize and reconcile payments to improve conversion, grow as a business and reduce costs. Additionally, the ACI Payment Orchestration Platform includes a proprietary Fraud Orchestration platform uniquely complemented by a team of human Fraud Specialists located around the world.

ACI invests heavily in roadmap and development to ensure ACI merchants have the technology they need to implement the latest payment trends. ACI is a white-labelled technology layer for the global market.

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