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Our technology automatically recognizes everything that happens in the frame, and finds information that might interest the viewer - from soundtracks to news about TV shows and actors. 

The way Sarafan technology works: 
1. Recognizes objects and actions in video in real time 
2. Searches for relevant information on third-party partner sites 
3. Transmits video analysis data, along with the information found and timestamps, to the video platform 

- Celebrity Recognition: enables users to recognize any celebrity in a video  
- Fast forward: enables users to fast forward through the opening and closing credits of TV shows with one click 
- Stories: provides users with the top facts feed about the films, TV shows and celebrities
- Based on: provides users with a collection of books and comics related to the video 
- Highlights: provides users with short clips with breathtaking moments that users can rewatch or share on social networks 
- Soundtracks: enables users to recognise the soundtracks in a video and add it to personal playlists
- Fanstore: Plug&play marketplace of licensed products. Users can shop without leaving the current view 

- Commercial break: provides you with the data of the moments suitable for ad integration and enables your advertisers to filter videos for safe Ad placement and monitor placed ones 
- Auto Tagging: provides you with the timestamped data of video analysis to integrate relevant contextual Ad 

 If you want to enrich your streaming content and enhance your viewers’ experience in 1 click, we’ve got you covered! 
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