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Delivering on the Promise of Precision Medicine

BC Platforms and Microsoft have developed a way to harness existing data- within your system and incorporating information from public databases - that, when paired with clinical data and the genetic data of a patient, can provide reports that lead to tailored care pathway, risk scoring, and therapy insights to deliver personalized medicine.

    Industry Challenge:

    Healthcare organizations are under pressure to deliver higher quality care, better outcomes, to more people, safely and at lower cost. In addition to this, they are being measured on the care delivery experience, and engaging patients on an individual, consumer level.


    BC Platforms GeneVision Solution that:

    Leverages and end-to-end genomic data management and analysis solution with built-in quality control.

    Conducts both genotyping and next-generation-sequencing, and combine secondary and tertiary analysis to save time

    Incorporates genetic variant data aggregated from public databases for streamlined clinical reporting of genomic variants that impact care pathway decision making.

    Empowers providers with clear actionable insights to enable more effective treatment recommendations with tiered risk scores.

Providers need tools that are:

  • End-to-end Handles every step from raw biological sample to final report
  • Trusted: Processes data using best-practices operating procedures and leverages third-party data only from trusted sources
  • Secure & Compliant: HIPAA compliant and meets the EU's strictest security requirements
  • Accurate: Produces highly accurate results with built-in quality control
  • Easy-to-use: Delivers clear, actionable insight and reporting quickly to the point of care
  • Interoperable: Is EHR-agnostic and interoperates with existing systems.
  • Improves Efficiencies: across the Healthcare Workflow

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