BlackLine Accounts Receivable Automation

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BlackLine Accounts Receivable Automation

BlackLine Accounts Receivable Automation

Drives unified, automated, and continuous processes.

Raise the bar with BlackLine’s AR Unified Platform. We help customers release cash faster with intelligent automation and achieve operational excellence. Conquer the challenges of today by making smarter, more accurate finance decisions and create the time to focus on delivering value to your organization.

BlackLine's Accounts Receivable Automation:

Cash Application

Cash Application automates what is typically a labor driven process with lots of manual processes and rework. Remove 85% of manual effort and reduce the need for remittances to less than 20%, allowing time to be used for contacting customers for payment, not requesting remittances.

Collections Management

Collections Management unlocks working capital and unleashes cash flow by releasing cash from debtors which is vital for any organization to operate. Typical solutions offer a one-size-fits-all approach, often with Excel spreadsheets as the main collection tool. BlackLine Collections Management provides multiple dynamic collection strategies, based on data supplied by the complementary Credit & Risk Management and AR Intelligence solutions, to fit each customer’s profile. Automated escalating recovery sequences allow teams to focus on actions that impact outcomes.

AR Intelligence

AR Intelligence provides real-time, actionable data to drive decision-making. Data drives decisions, decisions drive actions, and actions drive outcomes. BlackLine AR Intelligence analyzes customer behaviors comparing sales trends to payment performance and identifying any correlations or areas for concern. The solution also provides data on the predictability of customer payments and how payment terms granted to customers are impacting cash flow.

Disputes & Deductions Management

Disputes & Deductions Management helps resolve customer disputes promptly to aid in debt collection. Automated workflows in the BlackLine Disputes & Deductions Management solution accelerate dispute resolution and reporting to demonstrate the impact disputes are having on cashflow.

Credit & Risk Management

Credit & Risk Management helps manage the balance between sales and risk of non-payment which is critical to profitability. All data streams, such as credit reference agency and credit insurance, can be fed into the system easily—daily if needed. This, along with the payment performance data, provides a 360-degree view of the entire customer base.

Team & Task Management

Team & Task Management optimizes team time by focusing on data-driven priorities. AR teams spend too much time determining which actions and tasks are required and in what order. Monitor critical actions against the volume of work and allocate resources to prioritize managing risk and collecting cash, providing full visibility, and enabling everyone to focus more time on actions that impact business outcomes.

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