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Qualitative customer experience analytics, real time.

Clootrack is the fastest Customer Experience Analytics platform. Clootrack helps you understand "why" your customers churn.

Clootrack obtains these insights from customer conversations, feedbacks and reviews. Clootrack's proprietary technology is able to discover granular themes from customer conversations, without any keyword configurations. This makes Clootrack insights actionable and unbiased. 

 Clootrack obtains customer conversations from both first party and third party customer touch points. 

First party customer touch points can be any data source in text including customer care tickets, open ended NPS surveys, website/app feedbacks, chat bots etc. Third party customer touch points include ecommerce sites, forums, blogs, social media etc. 

Clootrack integrations to your first party customer touch points are loosely coupled, and hence take minimal time to set up. Clootrack is GDPR compliant.

Clootrack has extensive capabilities to crawl third party sources to collect customer conversations at scale. 

Clootrack insights are unbiased, requires minimal configuration and supports 55 languages. 

Key Benefits:
1. Discover factors that move your customer experience faster than ever before
2. Fine tune your brand claims with confidence
3. Align stakeholders with data backed insights and act 
4. As a CX champion, make impact every day!

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