Автор: Cyclotron Inc.

TeamsHUB provides an integrated platform with which to manage your enterprise Teams environment

TeamsHUB is a powerful governance and enablement tool that enables users to seamlessly navigate Teams and access Teams details, resources, and memberships in just two clicks. Users can even create new teams, all from within one manageable interface. TeamsHub saves your organization time and money by allowing users to organize and access the teams they use the most into Hubs. Administrators can tag teams with relevant labels and then create filtered “hubs” of teams and can publish these directly to the end users. TeamsHub enables administrators to effectively manage Teams governance and security requirements within a simple user interface that is integrated across Office 365 to configure Teams management settings. No complex PowerShell operations needed here. User can access the TeamsHub on all platforms: Webbrowsers, mobile devices, and the full Microsoft Teams app.

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