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Simple and Affordable Customer Relationships Management (CRM), Project & Document Management tool.

Dalikoo is an intuitive software for Customer Relationships Management (CRM), Program Portfolio Management (PPM), and Document Management. It helps track relationships with clients, partners, and programs starting at the lead/prospect phase, and moving through the life cycle including Project Management, Milestones, Document Management, and Invoicing. 

Dalikoo includes full search and reporting capabilities, it is fully integrated with SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, and Microsoft 365.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use interface that looks and feels like excel and word
  • Runs 100% on the cloud, no download is needed
  • Integrated with your Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
  • Powerful search

Included Functionality:

  • Dashboard showcasing your opportunities and forecasts that update in real time according to your selected parameters.
  • Parameters and drop down values can be easily configured to fit your specific business needs. You can customize many values, including region, fiscal, product type, service, discounts, loyalty incentives, follow-up actions, and many more.
  • Progress monitoring capabilities against the target timeline: project deliverable status, hours worked (e.g. Senior Hours, Junior hours, etc.) per deliverable, duration, completion estimates, assigned price, all related documentation (Word, Excel, pdf, etc).   
  • Invoices Dashboard: Includes the associated deliverable, invoice amount, invoice date, invoice status (e.g. Scheduled, Sent, Paid, etc.), and the Invoice document (pdf, docx, xls, etc).
  • Sharing is made easy: Individual project sites can be shared with external users through a site-generated email invitation. Users that are external to the company can be assigned permission to view or edit any part of the components described above.
  • Content is fully searchable, supporting metadata search for information such as client name + deliverable status +invoice status, and many other combinations.
  • The platform features full reporting capabilities on aspects of all programs and projects.

With Dalikoo you can:

  • Increase company productivity and information flow efficiency.
  • Reduce time and costs related to document processing and storing.
  • Increase control over time line, documents, projects and finances.

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