Mock Trading Platform

Автор: Intelegain Technologies

Mock trading platform using smart tools to help you to learn and make better investing decisions.

Moneypot is a cloud-based stock market simulation for colleges, universities, corporations and investors. It helps to learn the stock trading strategies on virtual trading platform. Platform is complimented by AI/ML driven chatbot helping users to ask related questions in their own language leveraging NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology.

Solution caters to various segments like

Academic Institutions:

Platform provides a scalable virtual trading platform for colleges and university students. Students benefits from this streaming platform that features Equities/Stocks and provides a complete experience of a real-time trading environment.


Moneypot is actively used by corporates using an easily deployable white label solution model to meet their marketing and internal training needs thereby assisting them in employee education and brand building process.


Moneypot aims to connect the online investment community through this social trading platform. Get to know how the stock market functions, try different trading strategies without the fear of losing hard earned money. Compete for prizes and interact socially with fellow players

Tripti Chopra , Director, Researchbytes Corporate Services says ‘The RB Portfolio was a real time development offering users of Researchbytes a fantastic tool to be able to mimic their Investments in real time with paper capital! Intelegain solution came in on tops in creating a seamless and attractive user experience proactively offering inputs at each stage! Appreciate the think like client approach!’

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