Milliman Mind

Автор: Milliman LLP

Design models and put them into production 6x faster, with full security & auditability.

Milliman Mind is a flexible and easy-to-use web-based platform, which converts Excel spreadsheets into powerful models with the capabilities and controls of expensive “black-box” systems, all within a secure, auditable framework.

What does it do?
Step 1: Design in Excel

Use an existing spreadsheet or build a new model using Excel—no need to learn a new language or tool.

Step 2: Upload and run

Upload your model to the secure Milliman Mind cloud using a web-based interface. There’s no software to install or manage. Add up to 20 dimensions, such as contracts, scenarios, and stochastic calculations. Work together on a model and see changes in real time. Use built-charts, dashboards, and workflow mode to enhance data visualization.

Step 3: Streamline production

A workflow mode guides users through each step in your models. Implement easy-to-configure role-based access to prevent unauthorized access or changes.

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