Intelligent Customer Data Analytics Platform

Автор: Verofax Limited

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Real-time marketing and operational insights by turning products interactive

60% of shoppers decide based on primary packaging, turn your products interactive and increase sales conversions by up to 50X.

Verofax ConsumerTech solution provides brands with a comprehensive suite of insights and advanced analytics to support better understanding of their customer behavior and improve customer satisfaction. By turning offline products interactive, brands can create engaging shopper experiences and achieve unmatched conversion results on promotional campaigns.

Solution Capabilities:
• Unique digital IDs for every product is a microsite generating real-time data
• Consumption heatmap with over 1000 data points on where, when, who and how many products are consumed
• Brand protection by eliminating counterfeits with authenticated products

Verofax is differentiated in terms of:
• Cost & speed of adoption within a 90-day deployment period
• Permissioned blockchain guaranteeing infinite scalability with no transaction fees
• Enterprise-grade data security and GDPR compliance
• Interoperable platform for seamless integration into over 130 ERPs

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