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Synerise - Behavioral Intelligence Infrastructure driven by AI

Behavioral Intelligence Infrastructure driven by AI.

Cutting-edge AI-driven infrastructure tailored for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting behavioral data. By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, transform raw behavioral data into actionable intelligence, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Synerise platform
collects unique knowledge about each user from multiple sources and creates a complete 360-degree customer profile, updated live. Automate campaigns and personalize communication via e-mail, SMS, web push and mobile notifications using the intuitive 'drag & drop' editor and ready-to-use templates. Synerise also offers the ability to create various types of analyses, ranging from campaign results, by creating indicators with custom KPIs, to creating your own custom dash boards.

Synerise offers usage-based access to the SaaS platform, where organizations can store all heterogeneous data they have - without limits, proceed it live and use ready-to-go products enhanced by AI with easy automations to solve daily challenges and speed up growth. Synerise is supporting organizations in:

(1) collecting & analyzing data about people/customers/users/objects and their environmental context from any data sources in different formats to

(2) personalize the experience, predict the future, observe relationships, improve products, generate new revenue streams, optimize costs and execute it

(3) at hyper-scale live.

Synerise is building a Growth OS with limitless capabilities. Synerise team believes that everyone is:

(1) unique & wants to feel

(2) special in

(3) every moment of daily life.

That is why Synerise is using AI & Big Data to help companies & organizations to understand people's needs, preferences, and behaviors, avoid fraud & make interactions between them and the brands unique and personalized.

Synerise uses:

(1) the best-in-scale proprietary database created from scratch,

(2) state-of-the-art AI algorithms

(3) powerful automations with practical executive scenarios in one self-service platform, which make it possible. All data is instantly processed live, convenient mode, without tech compromises.

Synerise is maximizing the future freedom of its clients by building an API-first intelligence platform with unlimited integration capabilities, a low-code approach, and a unique and open-source proprietary design system, components, libraries, and storybooks. Synerise gives clients an ecosystem to build their apps and ideas without being limited to the company roadmap.

The company has invested extensively in its own intellectual property and employing top AI researchers and data scientists to ensure that its AI Growth Ecosystem is free of vendor locks and fully scalable. The goal is to meet the requirements of international enterprises on the leading edge of innovation and digital transformation.

We know the joy of winning the development of Synerise in the field of artificial intelligence is confirmed by winning numerous awards (podiums) at international AI competitions alongside such technology giants as Google Deep Mind, Baidu, Nvidia or Layer6.

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