Автор: V Faction Inc

Capitol AI is the fastest way for anyone to tell persuasive stories with their data.

Capitol AI is a tool that generates stories to questions that are too broad, deep, or complex for traditional Q&A platforms (ie. Wikipedia, Quora, Reddit) and is more accessible to the average user - automatically creating immersive, interactive, visual, multimodal data stories.

Users can fuse topics into a cohesive story and can upload their data to incorporate their data-driven narrative into their story, including visualizations/charts/graphs/tables

Capitol AI is a knowledge engine for collecting and analyzing information - it provides higher-quality answers to complex questions in a way that was not possible before recent advancements in AI.

Value to the user:

  • Simplifies the universal act of research

  • Shortens the time to value of getting to an insight, an “a-ha” moment

  • Provides access to an AI team of researchers/analysts and designers

  • Users gain a thread of knowledge, of truth, that they would either need hours of time or a team of people to get [and iterate as deep as they want (insert at a later date)]

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