DevOps services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Автор: WaveAccess

WaveAccess offers Continuous Integration services for Dynamics 365 CRM development

DevOps for CRM increase the end to end agile cycle velocity and ensure value throughout the process of delivering new CRM solutions and features.

Continuous integration is the frequent integration of new and updated code with the central code repository.

The goal is to automate error free builds that are then picked up for deployment in designated environments.

Software quality is improved and the DevOps deployment process is accelerated when merged code quality control measures are performed on a continuous basis instead of the more common practice of applying quality control near the end of the process.

The continuous integration process and tools will flag code defects and failed builds more frequently in order to fix and eliminate these issues at the source.

Continuous Integration service for CRM includes:

  • 4 environments
  • Double logic check and double data transfer check
  • 2-4 weeks sprints for iterative, incremental solution delivery


  • Reduced error risk in production
  • Increased end to end agile cycle velocity
  • High-quality software as a result

How it works: 4 stage process

  • Sandbox is a development instance of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps. Isolated from production, a Sandbox instance is the place to safely develop and test application changes with low risk. Sandbox development presumes using test data. The unmanaged solution is exported as managed from Sandbox to UAT environment.
  • The next stage is UAT - User Acceptance Testing environment. During UAT stage QA person makes sure that the CRM solution matches the requirements in the scope document and that it will actually work for the end-users. In UAT environment the tested solution is managed that means it is locked in the certain changes developers have made. UAT development presumes using user test data close to real for testing.
  • The Pre-production environment ensures one more logic check and additional migration testing: QA and customer make sure that solution will be transferred to Production stage properly. The tests are held on recent customer's database snapshot.
  • The Production environment - a live working environment with real users.

The tools we use:

  • TeamCity as build management and continuous integration server
  • xRM as Microsoft Dynamics CRM code tool
  • MS SQL Server for database recovery
  • Git for custom code storing and version control
integration server
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