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Preview all attachments from notes, emails or portal comments for a particular record

Zap Attachment Viewer App provides a consolidated view of all attachments in notes, emails as well as portal comments for a particular record. This list is displayed in a Web Resource which can be manually added to any Dynamics 365 form! (most commonly used in Account as well as Case forms)

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE / Power Apps, you can attach documents (or any other file) to notes (one attachment per note can be attached). Further, you can also track sent and received emails to the record (account/ case or any other entity) which may also have attachments.

Now there is no summarized view where you could see all the attachments linked to this record. The attachments could be in notes, linked emails and portal comments.

To view attachments, you may have to patiently scroll through the timeline view of the record … hide/unhide email threads …and probably could get lost !

This is such a waste of precious time which your sales team could have utilized for selling or your support team for offering better customer service.

Here Zap Attachment Viewer App can help…

  • Detailed View
    Attachment Viewer consolidates the attachments from notes, tracked emails as well as portal comments in to one single place. This is shown in a nice tabular view where you could easily sort and filter!

  • Gallery View
    A gallery view of all attachments with carousal like scrolling for easy preview of the attachments.

  • Preview Attachments
    Preview attachment without the need to download them. Further you also have the ability to resize the preview to full screen! (which cannot be done out-of-box). To preview attachment… click on the filename.
    Please note that only files of type: image, pdf, text can be previewed.

  • Rename Attachments
    You can now easily rename file attachments which have been added to notes.

  • Delete unwanted attachments easily
    Ability to bulk delete attachments – of course controlled by Dynamics 365 permissions.

  • Email Attachments
    Users can easily select the attachments and have them attached to an email in a single click!

  • Drag and Drop
    Easily upload multiple files using Drag-and-drop to notes of any entity record.

You can add "Attachment Viewer" section to any entity form (Account / Case / Custom Entity...)

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