Dynamics 365 CRM Report

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Get insights and Grow your business by using built in analytics Dynamics 365 CRM App

Welcome to our business data assistance app! Designed to support businesses in analyzing their data, this app offers a pre-built report that connects to your CRM account, providing valuable insights into your business operations.

Benefits of Using Our App:

  • No more time wasted on spreadsheets.
  • Gain quick insights from visually appealing and informative representations of your data.
  • Effortlessly monitor daily progress of your business.
  • Share the app with your organization for collaborative analysis.

The Report Features 10 Tabs:

  • Home Tab: Navigate seamlessly through all report pages.
  • Lead Report Page: Access detailed information about each lead in a tabular visual format, including lead name, company, job title, state, status, and more.
  • Lead Source Page: Gain insights into the sources from which leads are generated, including visuals and key performance indicators like lead generation rate.
  • Lead Segmentation Page: Understand lead segmentation based on various criteria, including visuals such as lead by rating and state, and key performance indicators related to conversion and qualification rate.
  • Sales Performance Page: Obtain a comprehensive overview and analysis of sales performance based on CRM data.
  • Sales Pipeline Page: Visualize the sales process and track the progress of leads and deals through different stages.
  • Win/Loss Analysis Page: Explore insights into the outcomes of sales deals.
  • Opportunity Page: Access a comprehensive view of individual sales opportunities or deals.
  • Contact Report Page: Gain insights into contacts within the CRM system.
  • Contact Detail Page: View a comprehensive profile of individual contacts and related opportunities or deals.


  • A Power BI Pro license is required to install and use the app.
  • To connect to data, you must have a Dynamics 365 CRM account.

Get started today and unlock the full potential of your business. Contact Addend Analytics at to seamlessly integrate your data into Power BI.

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