AGR Power BI

od: AGR Dynamics

Unlock more insights from your AGR data.

AGR’s Power BI app allows Power BI users access to inventory management insights with visuals that connect to the most useful inventory KPIs. Inventory managers and other executives can easily see past and current inventory performance connected to overstock, turnover, and stock value. AGR’s powerful forecasting engine also gives Power BI users a peak into the estimated future value of their stock. The app includes global filters for quickly focusing on specific issues along with filters and drill downs for each page and visual. Each Power BI user will benefit from the flexibility to customize the information in the way that makes sense for them. AGR has also included information on how each metric is calculated to ensure transparency for the user. Total Stock Value Dive into various aspects of stock value by time, importance, vendor, category, and group. View stock value as an absolute number or ratio in a series of informative visuals. Overstock Value Get an overview of overstock on one page with visuals that show overstock over time and as a part of total stock value. Go deeper to view overstock by importance, group, and vendor. Estimated Future Stock Value Look into a possible future with a timeline of estimated future stock value by importance. Stock Turnover View the overall stock turnover score as a ratio or in stock turnover days. Drill into that number by item group and vendor. Once the app is downloaded and installed, contact AGR customer support to get a token to import the data into Power BI.

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