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Google Analytics Report by Curbal

The following Power BI report app will allow you to connect to Google Analytics to analyze your website performance.
The report contains 6 tabs to analyze different aspects of your website:

  1. The User Page, will allow you to get a deeper understanding of who your users are and how you can reach them more efficiently.
  2. The Acquisition Page, will help you understand where your traffic comes from and how it helps you achieve your goals.
  3. The Content Page, lets you analyze your content so you can improve it or create more of what is working already.
  4. The Search Page, gives you an insight on what people are searching for in your site and if they are finding it
  5. The Site Speed Page, monitors your site speed so you can rank better and decrease your bounce rate (one page visits).
  6. and finally, the Lead Generation Page, that will help you identify which companies are visiting your website, so your sales team can reach out to them.

Note, this template App uses Power BI native connector for Google Analytics. If you are having sampling issues with the connector, you will also see them on this app. Please select a smaller interval of dates to see if sampling disappears.

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