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NAVBI Sales for Business Central

NAVBI provides you with the analysis functions you need, including:
  • Classic Dashboarding to display your key metrics in an aggregated way
  • Dynamic Analyses based on freely selectable attributes and metrics
  • Clear presentation of trends and outliers
  • Complete Drilldown - from aggregated metrics such as total company revenue to any number of intermediate levels (e.g., customer, product, salesperson, cost center, etc.) down to the transaction level
  • Full integration of Business Central Dimensions
  • In-depth analyses such as showing the drivers of changes in revenue and contribution margin (quantity, price, mix effects)
  • Numerous metrics such as order intake, revenue, revenue forecast, direct costs, contribution margin, number of customers, revenue from new and existing customers, price development, etc.

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Please first install our Business Central Connector navida Connector for Power BI from Appsource to connect the report with your Business Central data.

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