PPM Express Project Portfolio Management Reports

od: PPM Express Corporation

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Enjoy data-driven project portfolio management and portfolio visibility with PPM Express.

PPM Express Project Portfolio Management Reports is a comprehensive Power BI reporting package with 30+ pre-configured insightful reports, seamlessly integrated into PPM Express portfolio management suite. This reporting package has been designed for the needs of Project Managers, Corporate Executives, Decision Makers, and Program Managers. It provides valuable insights and the “big picture” about project, portfolios and resources, allows to control project progress and resources workload and make data-driven project decisions in a situation where multiple task and work management systems are being used.
The package provides several groups of reports, including project-related reports, portfolio-level reports, reports focused on resource management and workload, cross-system and cross-project reports that provide transparency across all project in the company.
Our reports have been designed by leading Microsoft PPM experts and approved by use by many of our clients. These reports deliver a view of the data, analytics, and insights that are crucial for project decision makers who work with project data on a daily basis.

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