Employee Pay Slip

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Generate Pay Slip For Each Employee and Send By Email With a Single Click

Are you an ICT Manager Wondering How to Seamlessly send Employees Pay slips from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

If you are an ICT Manager looking for a solution that will send Pay slips from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Human Resource and Payroll Module, look no further.

Brightpoint infotech has designed a state of the art and error proof solution that enables thousands of pay slips to be sent to employees via email at the click of a button.

Single-click Pay slip allows Human Resources Manager to run payroll and at the click of a button, send pay slips or paystubs to each employee. This eliminates the process of physically printing pay slips, enclosing them in envelopes and distributing the printouts physically to employees. These pay slip distribution efforts and Stationery costs are reduced by 100%.

One Click Pay Slip automates the entire payroll process. It performs payment processing, generates pay statements and email payment slips to all employees in one click. This application requires one-time setup and configuration to issue pay slips based on the configured pay cycle or pay period of the employees.

Feature​ of Single click-pay slip

1. Generate earning statement​s

2. Release earning statement​s

3. Generate pay statement​s

4. Post payment Journal​s

5. Perform payment processing​

6. Post & Submit pay statement​

Benefit of Single click pay slip​

1. Save time and effort​

2. All employees pay slips will be generated and sent to the intended recipients

3. This is a one-time set up​

4. Easy to use modified employee’s email addresses​

5. No follow up required by employees for their pay slip ​

6. Savings on Stationery costs

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