Product Dimension Relabeler

avtor: DAX Software Solutions, Inc

Design your own labels or relabel any dimension in no time. Avoid several development efforts.

There are many unique business processes in a company's daily operations that generate a need to create custom labels for inbound or outbound processes. These processes can be linked to Transportation, Warehouse Management, Shipping, Billing, Transfer order, procurement, production, inventory, or sales operations. The list is long, and it is almost inevitable to include custom labels as per business terminologies.  

Dynamics Label Maker helps you create your own labels by customizing any existing data table element into the desired name or categories to display and print in any business process, with no development or deployment effort. These renamed fields are programmed to remain consistent throughout your business model from punching in any order to report pulling.  

Functional Overview:  

  1. Rename the product catalog fields matches with industry terminology.  

  2. Print the custom fields along with descriptions in your output forms and insightful reports to promote informed business decisions. 

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