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Cloud4Commodities, Commodity trading, transaction and risk management(CTRM) solution for Dynamics365

Cloud4Commodities is a cloud based Commodity trading, finance, logistics and risk management (CTRM) software solution. The solution includes a web-based software application, cloud architecture and toolset that support the business processes associated with trading commodities. Cloud4Commodities is fully based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and follows the latest technologies of Microsoft. Use different Microsoft apps depending on your requirements.

Cloud4Commodities encourages user self-empowerment. We provide the assistance with the initial set-up, but afterwards our customers can quickly work with it and maintain the set-up themself. 

The solution handles commodity trading, keeping inventory, delivery and transports and associated risk management activities. Cloud4Commodities therefore comprises a broad set of functions that can vary considerably depending upon what commodities are traded, what assets are employed in the business, where those assets are located and what the company’s business strategy and associated business processes are.


  • Deal Capture
    Enter and approve new deals quickly via preferred device (PC, Tablet, Mobile, etc.). Enter planned deliveries to have updated position reports
    Create commission contracts for Brokerage deals
  • Logistic Operations
    Manage your logistic operations efficiently by grouping orders into one logistic operation.
  • Quotes and margins

    Calculate your expected margin during deal capture. Expected costs can be entered manually or loaded automatically, e.g. by the selected transport route.
    Accrue expected costs and match will actuals to view pre-calculated vs. actual reports.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
    Make well-considered trading decisions by understanding your clients’ risk and financial position.
    Use external interfaces to automatically check the credit risk of new counterparties.

  • Actual vs. Budget
    Related actual invoices to precalculated cost and quickly built up a learning curve.
    The better you can predict these third-party costs, the better you can manage your margin, future cashflow and price offers. 

  • FX Manager
    Always be in control of your cusrrency (FX) position with the FX manager. Deals can be hedged individually with the bank or an internal FX desk. 

More functionalities

Please read the factsheet. See the link below.
Other modules available: freight routes, commission claims,  vendor quality templates, sample requests

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