Business Monitor

avtor: Dynamic People B.V.

Business Monitor: monitoring of inbound and outbound integration messages


Dynamic People's Business Monitor is an extension designed for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, addressing the crucial need for monitoring integrations with external applications like external warehouses. This monitoring is vital to answer questions such as 'Has the message been received?', 'Is the content understandable?', 'Does the message require re-sending?', and 'What is the error?'

Our Business Monitor is specifically crafted to provide detailed insights into the occurrence and timing of events, retaining copies of both sent and received messages. This solution streamlines the monitoring process, ensuring that essential information is readily available.

This add-on introduces a flexible framework for implementing integrations. It processes inbound messages using a Dynamics handler class rather than relying on an external workflow tool like a Logic App. The interface handler class adds versatility, allowing developers to reuse existing data entities, write custom code, or employ a combination of both.

All configured inbound and outbound messages within Business Monitor can be conveniently reviewed and managed from a centralized workspace in F&O. The Business Monitor message history feature empowers administrators to inspect message content, identify associated processing exceptions, and even resubmit messages directly from the logs. This comprehensive approach enhances the efficiency and control over the integration processes.

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