Algoritmia SII

avtor: Algoritmia

SII - Automated Information, connects your ERP with the AEAT, covers all Autonomous Communities

¿Does the standard version of SII in Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM does not fully automate your management with the AEAT?

Algoritmia SII allows you to automate the direct contact of your ERP with the AEAT for sending information and receiving the feedback generated by the Tax Agency, so you can check at any time what is the status of sending, receiving and acceptance of the information sent. In addition, our solution contemplates all the variants of the different Autonomous Communities.

Features and benefits:
👉 Optimizes management times and resources thanks to digital and automated communication of regulatory requirements
👉 Quick adaptation to changes or updates of both the AEAT and the ERP
👉 Covers all tax cases
👉 Supports all tax agencies and specific adaptations to customer requirements
👉 Supports communication with the Foral Agency (Basque Country and Navarra)

About SII: its acronym stands for Immediate Supply of Information (SII) and its objective is the electronic management of the Value Added Tax (VAT) record books from your company's ERP, establishing a direct contact between the software and the AEAT (Spanish Tax Agency).

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