Argentina Localization for D365 Finance

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Efficiently meet Argentina’s taxation regulations with our Argentina Localization Package


Efficiently meet Argentina’s taxation regulations with our Argentina Localization Package  

Pangea Consultants Argentinian Localization Solution reduces time and effort with a robust, easy-to-use solution embedded within Dynamics 365 Finance. Comply with Argentina’s account and tax legislations with this powerful solution embedded within Microsoft Dynamics 365, which facilitates the creation of state-mandated reports. Quickly generate your .txt files for electronic reporting of Sales, Purchases, and Taxes to the AFIP, and create digital invoices, billing resolution, and invoice issuance purposes to help your company manage day-to-day activities.  

About us Pangea Consultants understands the challenges multinational organizations, working or desiring to expand and open subsidiaries in Latin America (LATAM), must overcome in their daily operations.  We deliver exceptional results and solutions for over 15 years with the support of Dynamics 365. We facilitate your company’s challenges while we save you time and additional costs, guiding you through the process to achieve the best results. 

Contact Information: If you require more information about Pangea Consultant’s Localizations, please contact us at / +1 (786) 698-7116.

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